Is the problem all about knowledge or is there something more to it? Many people avoid military flight Simulator games, and it seems there is a reason. The military spends thousands of dollars training their pilots in various scenarios so that they are ready to fight and win in combat. Obviously, they don’t want to lose a pilot or expensive weapons systems, and it seems they have come up with a novel way to distract us: bring a combat flight simulator online. These simulators give people the experience of fighting real people in a totally realistic mission. I suppose it is pretty creepy to be a pilot and fly around in a big jet and have the prospect of being shot down by a sniper rifle while you’re trying to line up your first dogfight. Personally, I have never been in the cockpit of a fighter jet plane very closely, but I have seen fighter jets, and aerial combat played out on screen, and it is certainly thrilling. Another acceptable use for a combat flight simulator online is the practice of “Dogfighting over the Internet” or ” Fight to slot over the Internet”. I have played online combat games where you can’t play with real people and where everything is simulated, so you can take on the attributes of any fighter plane and go down the list of articles. Here are some pointers to help you survive in the “webspace”. Make sure to play in real-time and jump at the head of any enemy fighters. You would be surprised at how much your skill level can improve by simply playing a couple of games. In the first of a list of NOTs, “Keep out of the sun”, make sure not to go up against a fighter jet while playing a round of online flight simulator combat. Fighter jet missions are dangerous enough, without the sun in your eyes, even if you are only semi-experienced. Second, don’t even think about going up against an air-to-air refueling mission on a fighter jet. If you do this you will have literally zero chance of survival. Yes, it is a jet, but more like a trenchless curiosity than a jetsavmonster intended for takeoff and landing. If you do practice helo time, try to use a fighter jet and not a helo. Maybe that will be more effective. Remember, you have more options when flying an aircraft than a Helo. Third, think of a background for doing this mission. If it was easy to do a flyby and get a free pass to a fighter jet, then why would they have refueling missions at all? Don’t worry, they have a background mission that you can do to get your free pass. Maybe they need one on a certain level that you haven’t 100% completed. There are many rewards for completing these challenges. Maybe you get a new jet or a new medal. Fifth, be careful if you are going to try to play a combat flight simulator online. Do not try to connect to a live server. The servers are busy and they may delay your or your opponent’s flight time from what you expect. You may also get attacked by the enemy and have to go through all that fun. The friendly folks on the server may also cheat you by taking your points or leaving when they know you are going to win. When playing a combat flight simulator online you don’t have the ability to cheat. The server does not allow it. You cannot quit and quit on a live server. Finally, try to connect to a server that is over 1 mile away from you. That will give you enough time to get to the destination and be ready to play, without taking all the time it takes to get there. Flying a combat jet online is more like working on a car on a racetrack. It’s not an “oh, this plane is faster, let’s get on the racetrack phase.” It may be a little more exciting, but it’s still a plane, and it takes some skill to control and acceleration, oh, and you almost always have to do a 180 either side of the turn, which makes it even more challenging. The connection speed may not be the fastest either. When you need to do a hard turn, you may have to wait up to 300 split seconds to go from looking into the glass Logitech to actually taking the turn. It may not seem like a huge delay, but it is important to notice that it is important to have the required patience to deal with these delays. Once you have made a couple of turns, the delay will quickly add up and become very frustrating. If you don’t take the time to endurance test yourself on these delays, it will quickly bring the enjoyment of the game to a screeching halt. We hope you have found these tips on combat flight simulators online help to make your first few tries more enjoyable.