With CoD4 being one of the most impressive and ground breaking releases in terms of photo realistic graphics, as well as its multiplayer I have never seen a game create such a huge fan base! Thankfully Killzone 2 has also released, which I have put in as a bonus game as it contains the same graphics! I have always played first-person shooter games and I have always liked the Weapons, Vehicles, and maps from the previous releases! However, once I played the demo for the world at war I was hooked straight away, the graphics were amazing, full of destroyed buildings of the World War Two era, however, I was rather disappointed that there were no planes or guns in the game, upon thinking about it I realized that with a game full of only soldiers with guns, it would be rather interesting to have a game set in the 2 war between the US and the USSR, as that would be rather interesting to play against a friend/gamer! So there is this, a game, which I have played and actually liked playing and looked forward to playing (the graphics aren’t that impressive but hey, only 8 months ago!) and have now purchased. I have played Battlefield 2 for a couple of weeks now, I have got to say I think this is possibly the best game I have ever played, I have played other first-person shooter games but let’s face it, not many people enjoy shooting people down in front of a cantonment map. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd half of the beta and again enjoyed the multiplayer, I got to play 6 different classes and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. There are many guns to choose from, such as a .50 cal sniper rifle, an M16 gun, as well as the usual AK47 and guns, and it appears that it will be a long time before I have to pick just one. The tactics for the multiplayer are also very well put together, there are several different maps to play around in. The game does suffer quite a lot of being overall poorly put together due to it being rushed, the maps are basic but well, and there are just too many things to do. However, I do enjoy the game and it does play well. I have completed the game without any help and I have just begun to run out of guns so I have had a go at it with the latter. I have stuck with the sniper class because it is your least talked about and least played class. It is your job to take out the enemy, no questions asked. If you can do this then you will be highly commended. Everyone talks about the cobalt blue finish and all that, let me tell you straight up the cobalt blue finish does not mean the game, in general, is going to be weak. The game plays well and the graphics are nicely put together, the main aim for me when playing this game is to take it back to the basics. To me, this means shooting down the enemy with as little lead as possible and using the environment to your advantage in the way you take the enemy out. The Training Zone is great, there are 3 difficulty levels the first being the normal setting and the second is the hard settings the third is for the players that like a little more challenge. I have completed this game already and it is very easy to get into, the guns can be a bit of a challenge but you should not have any problems putting the enemy down. Having completed this game I am now moving on to the 2nd part of the game which starts with a regular mission. You should find this part interesting as the game keeps providing you the different places and missions to pick from until you get the one that you are looking for. I am now into the second part of the game and it is not that difficult for the normal setting, your objectives are usually to take out the guard posts and to get to the extraction point. You can choose to go to an enemy-controlled area, or you can choose to hunt down the enemy that you feel deserves it. The hunting down process may take some time as the enemy is quite spread out and poor shooting from a distance can leave you frustrated. Once you have taken out the guard posts and gotten close to the extraction point, you should set the photLOD up and start chipping away at the guard posts. This will give you a good charge on the enemy to come and help you get the drop on them. After a good charge and a series of shots, the enemy will go down. You will find that the enemy has a very limited supply of head-on firefight divers, so when you get to the extraction point, make sure you have a weapon such as the M9 to get you a better kill:). Rates start at 200 and go up to 3500.