To help every player wielding a warlock understand this class better, I decided to write this warlock PvP guide. The information I’m going to provide here is for the possessor of a 180+ rating, working in any condition, in any situation. I’m sure that you as a reader will find it very useful. The basics of playing a warlock This part of my warlock PvP guide focuses on the general facts that I saw in the PvP companion of my warrior. As a general idea, the warlock gameplay is Influence-based. The Oracles call the shots in PvP and therefore they are very vulnerable to the spells of the alliance side. The warlock of the alliance side also has very important spells. Their fear spell is of equivocal value to the Oracles, since if the opponent runs through the fear, he runs into the spell. Other than all these, the warlock has numerous spells that hit and Rupture, Tailwhip, and Corruption spell that deal damage based on the health of the target. They also have the ability to drain the souls of humanoids. The effectiveness of a warlock in PvP Now, since this class is mainly used in PvE, an important thing to understand is that the warlock gameplay style is which is called mass-kill spec. This works especially if you’re a warlock playing alone. To be able to kill a target alone, you must spare its mana. This shuts down any healing that the enemy might try to give, costing them almost their entire life bar. This makes the warlock an extremely powerful killing machine, considering that they have abilities like drain soul, which work essentially as a soul drain. Warlocks also have the ability to summon creatures. The warlock can either choose to convert a humanoid into a pet or can actually buy a summoning creature from a merchant. These pets have various abilities, like slaying, self-healing, attacks, and so forth. They can, therefore, prove to be a suitable pet for a warlock. The warlock gear One thing that the warlocks have to be aware of, before getting any PvP gear, is that you really need to have better armor and weapon while you’re a warlock. The items that the warlock chooses to use must be specifically crafted to give an increased debuff. The debuff refers to any kind of damage prevention that the gear has. In addition to this, if you choose to use a damage-dealing class, like a hunter or a rogue, the warlock gear must also contain varieties of balls that deal additional damage. The result is that the warlock when wearing its PvP gear, is like a professional, featuring gear that gives a great amount of stats, and also its abilities can greatly improve. Now, since PvP gear doesn’t have any bonuses, it must contain any bonuses to stamina, armor, plus health, plus the stamina is going to be useful since, in the World of Warcraft, we all know that we only get to wear medium armor and shields. The only exception to this is the helmet, which is obtainable in a heroic style, thanks to the helmet of the frightful helm, but only in the normal mode of the game. Now, once you choose to switch sides, the warlock will have to select between the following specs when playing in the arena or battlegrounds mode: Unholy, Destruction, Affliction, and Demonology. I’m sure that you’re familiar with these specs, but I’m nonetheless going to provide you a little bit of information about them. The first spec is an example of a warlock in which the focuses are on fast killing and high burst damage. Your tactics are going to be based on mass destruction spells and your fear spells. The reason behind this choice is that you’re really good in burst mode; therefore, you can keep the opponent stunned or running away from you for a long time. You must also be aware that this spec variant is not only commonly associated with the warlocks, but it may also be useful in the battlegrounds. Next is the Affliction tree. It is what many consider to be the more “classic” WoW warlock spec. This is because of the way the spec is wont to let you down in any scenario or in any PvP scenario. It is also considered to be the best spec for a typical warlock. This is because of the way the talents work for you. You will have the option to go either towards damage or defensive abilities. Depending on which you choose, will determine which matches your personality. In addition, you will also have the option to take on a demon. Each of the various souls will have its own unique abilities that cannot be overlooked. Last, but certainly not least, is the Destruction tree.